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“The Rule 281 Series”

A Control Train Components Exclusive!

Rule 281 Video Preview

Click above to play an introduction clip to volume one.

$29.95 each + shipping and handling
($7.00 US, $10.00 International - invoiced with DVD)
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This revolutionary multipart series will take an in-depth look at prototype railroad signaling. From the operation of a Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) machine, the implementation of prototype signal aspects and indications, to conducting a prototype operating session on a CTC railroad. Learn how to better replicate prototype practice on your own model railroad and how to operate your model railroad using prototype philosophy in conjunction with signals just like the pros do! Learn how and why the prototype locates signals where they do and how you can apply these simple practices very successfully on your own model railroad. Although specifically designed for the needs of the model railroad community this series contains tons of prototype information that will captivate even the most astute railroad signal enthusiast. Regardless of your knowledge and skill level the Rule 281 signaling series is sure to entertain, enlighten and educate all who view it.

Michael J. Burgett
Control Train Components LLC

Volume 1
Running Time 42 Min. Color NTSC

Learn how to engineer and design an accurate and functional CTC machine for your model railroad regardless of its size or scale. You'll be given a guided tour of typical controls and indications plus vintage films of actual machines in operation. You will be given an insight into how these machines reacted in various situations. Learn tried-and-true solutions to typical model railroad signaling problems using prototype philosophy. If you have a CTC machine or are considering installing a CTC machine on your model railroad this series is a must-have for you!

Volume 1 - CTC Machine Operation .......................….. April 2, 2009
Volume 2 - Signal Aspects and Indications ……...……July, 2010
Volume 3 - The Operating Session …………….....…….TBA

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