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How to order?

Email, mail, or call Mike Burgett at the following:

Email: CTCComponents@comcast.net

4068 Olmstead Street
Waterford, MI 48329
Phone: 248-467-7664

Specify part #'s and the lever #'s you wish to have placed on the lever plates.

Method of payment: checks, money orders, or COD's
Please make all checks and money orders payable to Mike Burgett
Please allow 6-8 weeks for product delivery

Serious inquiries only please!

Print and fill out this form to mail in the order:

City: State/Province:
Zip: Country:

Scale you are modeling: N HO O/O27 G Other:

Are you using any of the following on your railroad: DCC C/MRI PSCS

Qnty. Part # Item Lever # Price per Total
UN-3670-01 Switch Lever Plates $7.95e = $
UN-3670-02 Signal Lever Plates $7.95e = $
UN-3670-03 Lock Lever Plates $7.95e = $
UN-3670-04 Traffic (L/R) Lever Plates $7.95e = $
UN-3670-06 Derail Lever Plates $7.95e = $
UN-3670-07 Old Style Switch Lever Plates $7.95e = $
UN-3670-08 Old Style Signal Lever Plates $7.95e = $
UN-3670-09 Diamond Style Switch Lever Plates $6.95e = $
UN-3670-10 Diamond Style Electric Lock Plates $6.95e = $
UN-3670-11 Maintainer Call Plates, Horizontal $2.25e = $
UN-3670-12 Maintainer Call Plates, Vertical $2.25e = $
UN-3670-13 Call On Plates, Vertical $2.25e = $
UN-3670 Blocking Device Backing plate $2.95e = $
UN-3673 Code Button Assembly $15.95e = $
UN-3800-02 Control/Indication Code Plate $12.75e = $
UN-3800-03 Reset/FSD/Bell/Recall Plate $15.85e = $
UN-3800-05 Dual Control Switch Plate $9.95e = $
UN-3800-06 Electric Locked Switch Plate $9.95e = $
UN-3800-07 OS Bell Cutout Plate $7.50e = $
UN-3500-01 Switch Numbers 1-43 $99.95e = $
UN-3500-02 Switch Numbers 45-99 $99.95e = $
UN-3500-03 Signal Numbers 2-44 $99.95e = $
UN-3500-04 Signal Numbers 46-100 $99.95e = $

Please add $10.00 for shipping and handling on all orders.
2016 - Mike Burgett
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