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Some Old CTC Machine Pictures:

C&O New River Subdivision Machine, at Hinton, W.Va. (1954)

C&O Machine at Ashland, KY (1958)

C&O Machine - Millard Ave.

Nickle Plate - Euclid to Madison

Reading Co. Machine - New York Branch (1951)

Reading Co. Machine - New York Branch (1951) - more Reading Co. machines here

Southern Pacific - Klamath Falls to Crescent Lake (1953)

Union Pacific Machine - Granger Pocatello (1956)

Western Pacific Machine- Oakland-Stockton (1947)

New Haven "B-30" Local Control Panels (1956)

A maintainer would insert a key to switch to local control of the interlocking, which was normally controlled by a large NX Machine in New Haven, CT.

SS80 - Air Line Jct.
SS81 - Shore Line Jct.
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